Youth Workshops

Songwriting Workshops for Kids

Saturday, September 22 | 10am to noon
Twin Oaks Branch Library

Join musician Jean Caffeine for a morning of songwriting! We'll learn the fundamentals of writing a song and create a new piece together, which we'll share with parents at the end of the session. Open to third- through fifth-graders. No instruments needed or required.

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Adding Culture to Your Story | Writing Workshop for Teens

Saturday, September 29 | 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Austin Central Library
Shared Learning Room #621

Culture is all around us—it informs the way we act, speak, and exist within our societies and with others. The cultures we belong to are so fused into our personalities that it’s often difficult as a writer to think critically about how our characters' cultures should be the same. In this workshop, we’ll look at how to examine the cultures we grew up in to better write about them and how to brainstorm new cultures to place our characters into. Led by Badgerdog teaching artist Jasmine Gulick. Open to teens, 7th-12th grade.

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Graphic Storytelling for Teens @ TX Teen Book Festival


Saturday, October 6 | 3:30 to 4:30 PM
St. Edward's University | Munday Library, Room 142

The Library Foundation's Badgerdog Creative Writing Program hosts a graphic storytelling workshop for teens as part of the Texas Teen Book Festival's daylong celebration of YA books, writers, and readers! The Texas Teen Book Festival is a free event featuring an incredible line-up of YA authors discussing their work. This workshop offers readers a chance to develop their own writing and creativity in the graphic storytelling genre! The workshop will be held in the Munday Library, Room 142. RSVP required, and space is limited.

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Workshop for Kids: Why Are Fairy Tales So Scary?


Saturday, October 20 | 12:30 to 2:00 PM
North Village Branch Library, Meeting Room

Cannibalistic witches, iron shoes that burn your feet, wolves in Grandma's nightgown...Why are fairy tales so scary? How do contemporary fantasy writers make use of similar techniques? And how can you apply them to make your own creative writing thrill and frighten readers in the deepest and most dazzling ways? Find out in this hands-on workshop! Led by Badgerdog teaching artist Katherine Stingley. Free and open to fourth through eighth graders.

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UT Children’s Research Center

At Badgerdog, we believe children deserve to learn in a creative environment that honors each child’s unique blend of learning techniques, styles, and challenges. We appreciate the work of organizations like the Children’s Research Center at the University of Texas, which relies on the help of Austin families and children to participate in their ongoing research studies. Studies are for infants to 17-year-olds, focusing on how children develop reading skills, how they think through and solve problems, how imagination and creativity are developed through play, how the brain changes, and more. When children visit the center, they read books, solve puzzles, watch puppet shows, play video games, and engage in memory games with our researchers. If you’d like to sign up or learn more, click here.