atCentral: Caroline Paul & Virginia Rose


Join ew York Time best-selling author Caroline Paul along with birder and Austin disability advocate Virginia Rose in conversation as they discuss how women can keep adventuring into old age.

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Rose is one of several inspiring women Paul interviewed for her latest book, “Tough Broad: From Boogie Boarding to Wing Walking, How Outdoor Adventure Improves Our Lives as We Age”

An exploration into the science and psychology of the outdoors and our place in it as we age, “Tough Broad” is Paul’s quest to understand not just how to live a dynamic life in a changing body, but why we must. She dives deep into the current research on aging, and highlights the results with stories of women like Rose.

Virginia Rose is the Austin-based founder of Birdability, a national organization working to ensure that the joys of birding are accessible to people who have disabilities. A wheelchair user for more than 50 years, Rose leads accessible bird outings for Travis Audubon and at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. A retired high school English teacher, she is passionate about bringing the same joy, empowerment and community she found in birding and nature to others who have mobility challenges or other health concerns.

Caroline Paul has always filled her life with adventure: From mountain biking in the Bolivian Andes to pitching a tent, mid-blizzard, on Denali, she has never been a stranger to the exhilaration the outdoors can hold. Yet through it all, she has long wondered, Why aren’t women, like men, encouraged to keep adventuring into old age?