Adult Workshops

Badgerdog offers creative writing workshops for adult writers of all age and skill levels in libraries and community centers across Austin. Some classes offer a broad survey of literary genres and written forms, while others focus specifically on fiction, poetry, or nonfiction. Upcoming writing workshops will be posted here once registration opens. For questions about Badgerdog's creative writing workshop for adults, contact our Programs Coordinator Katherine Lamb at



Writing as a Witness for your Community: A Workshop on the Winter Storm

Tuesday, November 16th |  7:00 pm

One reason that many writers come to the page is to document our lives and what happens to us. Think of the countless diaries and journals that serve as a historical record. When we write about the events of our lifetimes, we preserve the truth for the future. What does it mean to write as a witness? What does it mean to keep a record?

At this workshop for adults, we’ll discuss what it means to write as a witness to a collective event, and then begin work on a creative project that remembers your experience during the Winter Storm in February of 2021. We hope that you will send your creative work to The Winter Storm Project, which is an anthology that collects Austinites’ experiences.